PMU Program & Objectives:


Project Management Unit (PMU - BOR) is mandated to execute and manage computerization of land ownership & revenue records in province of Sindh. 

PMU is entrusted to perform management and supervisory role and develop an IT based infrastructure in the form of e-Governance model facilitating the stakeholders / organizations and general public. The computerization scheme at BOR Sindh entails an integrated IT based solution through various consultancy programs / projects of computerization, surveys and geo-spatial / GIS technologies.

A web-based system would enable a common citizen or a farmer having access to required information without any hassle. The system would also have the provision to cater to the need of Banks and Courts in adjudicating matters raised before it in litigations as these would be able to get the verification of all record by having the required access to the database. The data centers would provide the essential verticals for expanded service delivery options to the public including agricultural loans, collaterals, crop insurance and purchase of agricultural and industrial equipment.

The transparency so introduced would alleviate the monopoly and restriction over land & revenue information and reduce the occurrences of encroachment over government land and property. The facilitation to Banks would help genuine farmers obtain loans against verifiable collaterals. Public in general would benefit from the proposed computerization more as it would enhance the authenticity and credibility of their land asset records, which would help alleviate poverty with an improved access of financial resources to the community through Banking sector.  The system will provide a platform for access to all relevant services in the rural agriculture sector.

2018  Project Management Unit - Sindh Board of Revenue