According to Rules of Business assigned to the Board of Revenue Sindh, some of the important functions relevant to the project are:-

  1. Land Laws
  2. Land Utilization
  3. Land Revenue Administration includes;
  4. Assessment and Collection of Land Revenue, Development Cess and Surcharges thereon and Collection of Water Rate,
  5. Land Surveys and Records of Rights, including restriction over Transfer of Titles,
  6. Laws regarding Land Tenure, relations between Landlords and Tenants, etc.
  7. Registration of deeds and documents, including registration fees.
  8. Stamps and Court fees, Judicial and non-Judicial.
  9. Settlement and Re-assessment.

All these functions are carried out on the basis of physical record as well as correspondence which is marred with inaccuracies, distortions, fraudulent entries and have become a pretext of distortion by the Revenue staff thus hampering smooth dispensation of the Government’s work and provide desirable level of customer/public satisfaction being an efficient source of  public service delivery.

Thus the situation necessitates that the entire record of Board of Revenue be computerized to bring it in conformity with the international best practices. Under the overall vision of E-Government the Government of Sindh has initiated its efforts at various levels for quality services and increasing working efficiency.

A computerized data base with central repository would ensure the integrity of the Revenue records, enhance the value of public properties and protect the property rights of people. This database and customized software would be capable of generating all necessary property related documents of rural and urban areas of Sindh, like sale certificates, Fardi, ghat wadh etc. as well as record all mutations, transaction through registered deeds and update revenue record with respect to its ownership and usage.

The overall objectives of the Project now being proposed are aimed to revolutionize the record keeping in revenue transactions through Land Administration & Revenue Management Information System (LARMIS) in all the districts of Sindh.

LARMIS will bring the required transparency in the whole revenue administration and land record. The proposed system aims to establish a one window operation in revenue administration, as any applicant will be moving his/her application for issuance of any certificate, registration deed, or recording any change in the record of right, through information centers established in every District all over Sindh. Such application or transaction deed shall be electronically processed through an automated system catering to verification of titles and pecuniary interest of the government attached with the property under   transaction.

A web-based system would enable a common citizen or a farmer having access to required information without any hassle. The system would also have the provision to cater to the need of Banks and Courts in adjudicating matters raised before it in litigations as these would be able to get the verification of all record by having the required access to the database. The data centers would provide the essential verticals for expanded service delivery options to the public including agricultural loans, collaterals, crop insurance and purchase of agricultural and industrial equipment.

2018  Project Management Unit - Sindh Board of Revenue